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The mainstream of Fleming Livestock is Bronc Fleming Meat Goats, with raising the best show wethers and wether sires being the ultimate goal, operated by Molli, Bronc, and Maddox Mae Fleming. Bronc is a judge and inspector for the ABGA. He also judges wether shows across the nation. Being in the business since 1995 we have seen many trends come and go but one thing remains the same, the need for sound structured animals with plenty of muscle. Bronc strives to produce the best animals that will perform at the top of their game through means of aggressive A.I. and embryo transfer programs. We have been truly blessed to have many great friends and customers in the business. We certainly could not have gotten where we are without the partners we have had. We look forward to many more years of being involved in the greatest youth program that exists. Contact us for all your show goat needs as well as buying and selling of all species of show animals.