Pistol Whip x Patron (Smashmouth's mom)




Remember the little cute chubby and clubby yellow headed doe kid that was all the rage early in 2013? That same doe that grew up but never changed a lick, that everyone thought I was crazy for selling at Friday Night Fiesta? Well here is the other reason why we could let that donor go to the Little E. Swiper is the flushmate brother that is breeding the majority of the does and doe kids for the spring ’14 kid crop here at Fleming Livestock. To say we like this one would be an understatement. Wicked cool look from the side with that unique “Smashed up” chest floor, a huge back, shallow and cylindrical rib with lots of muscle everywhere they need to have it in a very complete and balanced package that maintains more than enough width from the top of his skeleton to the ground and as sound as one can be made. Many top breeders and feeders that have followed or paid attention to our program for years say this is the best one we have put together. In fact when I mentioned cutting this one as a kid to make a big run at the State Fair backdrop to the fiancé of the lady that now owns his sister, he simply said “That would be dumb”. For those last year that said, “Man if you could just put Pistol Whip and Smashmouth together…” Hmmmmm, that what happened when we flushed Smashmouth’s mom to Pistol Whip. The first Swiper kid hit the ground in Dec out of a straight bred, old school if you will, Fleming nanny and wow is she good. She makes March seem like it will never get here to see the next set. And for those of you trying to read into the meaning of his name, ask Maddox she named him.

Big Bang

Big Bang
Pistol Whip x 0100 (Guns N Roses)


What does every buck retained at Fleming Livestock have in common? That I have picked my keeper bucks out at less than 1 day of age. Consistency and the power of their mommas have fed the confidence in those decisions. When 3050 hit the ground there was no doubt the next one was born. This Pistol Whip x 0100 son was born stout featured, good looking, made right and heavy heavy muscled. Honestly with the focus I have put on females here since 1997 I hoped it was a doe but was far from disappointed when he had seeds. Ill spare the description of Big Bang as he is as close to being the one I feel we need to compliment Swiper to get back on top of the game. We have mated 0100 three different ways to date without fail. She rocks it out to a sold out crowd everytime and ill maintain that she is still best one to ever leave Mocks barn. 3 shots of the best "Gun" in the arsenal will certainly make a Big Bang. 

Big Bang will be our second most used buck for the Spring '12 kid crop.



Guns N Roses x Down N Flames x Wrangler 

Now Owned by S&R Meat Goats, Cumberland, VA


I have never been offered a buck that possesses the phenotypic or genotypic combination that he has. Pistol Whip has all the things I have been looking for in a buck to improve our herd without jeopardizing the things we have worked so hard to maintain.

Smash Mouth

Disco x Patron
Now Owned by Kedrick Miller, IN


Smash MouthSmash Mouth combines so many things the show wether industry deseperatly needs. He is extremely square from his toes up through his shoulder and hip. He is impeccable in his center body with a huge, round rib cage. His length and depth of body give him that extra wow factor in terms of look. When it comes to muscle, you won't find one with more shape or one that handles better. Coming from one of the most consistent matings we have made, we know he will make babies that will sell high and feed true to keep your customers coming back for more.




BFMG Knockout x BFMG 8022 (Full sister to Sugar Ray & Flushmate to BFMG Kryptonite)



Disco was the hit of Fleming Livestock in the summer of ‘10. He is BFMG Knockout X BFMG 8022 (Kryptonite flushmate, same mating as Sugar Ray). He carries on the Sugar Ray tradition of muscle, look and stoutness. Huge rack and really wide center loin, he excels any BFMG buck to date in his hip/loin junction. Disco is big ended and way good looking. His first kids will hit the show ring spring of ’12. When Mock saw the first Disco kids we traded a few breeding. We will both have December ’11 and Spring ’12 sired by him.




Owned and raised by Mock Livestock

Slash (Guns N Roses son) x Tattoo (Mozart Son)


This ones name doesn’t lie. When I went to photograph this buck I was addicted at first site. We traded breedings for Dec ’11 kid crop and Mock used Disco. We are very excited about the things both bucks will do for each program.


Owned by Hummel Livestock


Sugar Ray was the best buck we had raised at the time he was born. Many thought he was as good as they got that year. He didn’t disappoint in his offspring, siring several champion and reserve champs. To date he is still super impressive in his rib shape, leaves you just as wide as he comes to you, possesses an ultra level hip and packs a tremendous amount of lean, hard muscle in all the right places.



This is the kind we cut now to try to win shows. Kryptonite was kept as an insurance policy for his full brother Sugar Ray. We loved his look and hard muscle. He wasn’t quite as stout made as Sugar Ray but at the time he was the next best thing. We retained several Kryptonite daughters. Kryptonite has made a big impact in the industry since being sold. He is the grand sire to $25,500 doe kid, Irene.



Landshark is the result of mating Sugar Ray to his paternal grand dam. We used Landshark as a kid. We kept 2 does that are in our donor herd as well as a flushmate sister. We sold Landshark to Border Boers and Taylor Livestock where he has made several champions for both herds.



Knockout was our keeper buck from our December ’08 kid crop. We used him exclusively for our spring ‘ 10 kids. We have several of his flushmates and daughters in our donor herd. Knockout was sold to Kedrick Miller in Indiana.



VooDoo was our pick of Fowlers ’03 buck offering to put on the 153 daughters. He is lined up Yabu and 1021. We loved his extreme base width combined with tons of hard muscle. We used him for 2 programs. We have a few does that go back to him still in the herd. VooDoo ended being apart of Powell-Holman wether program success.



153 was a Yabu son we purchased from Terry Blair. He is twin to 154 that shows up in lots of pedigrees in Powell-Holmans champs in the fullblood and wether programs.


Disco x Guns N Roses

Owned with Brian Kleiman, IN

Rack 'Em Up is just what we anticipated making when we purchased "0100" from Mock in the summer of '11. 0100 is without a doubt the best doe ever sold by Kevin and Megan. She is a full sister to the 2012 grand wether at Houston. Rack 'Em Up has all the traits you love about our goats being huge racked, impeccable in rib design, huge ended with a killer look. Rack 'Em up is as wide based as you can make a sound one. He has the big legs with lots of shag for added value. He has a great touch and trememdous skin. Oh, and for those who are greatly concerned with that little area called hip/loin conjunction, well he is perfect there. Having Rack 'Em Up is like stepping up to a table full of 8 balls, you just can't lose.